Office of the Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

Kendriya Bhavan, A Block, Seaport Airport Road, Kakkanad, Cochin




TRADE NOTICE NO. 01/2011 DATED : 02.05.2011



SUB:- Facility to receive documents /licences by Post reg



This office is accepting applications/documents for closure, amendments, letters etc at the Counter and delivering the same to the holders of the Identity Cards issued by this office.


It is found that some of the applicants submitting their requests without affixing the Postal stamps on self addressed envelope (address as per IEC data only). This is resulting an unnecessary delay on the delivery of their documents/ authorization/ reply letters/amendments etc., Therefore, the applicants shall submit their requests affixing postal stamps on the self addressed envelope to speed up the work.


The postal charges as applicable as per weight of the documents shall be submitted. ( Example :- for a minimum weight of 50 gms. the speed post charge is Rs.25/- and will vary according to weight. )


Trade shall meet PRO of this office for clarification and PRO will direct them to concerned FTDO or JDGFT in case of necessity. However, applicant shall not submit letters without indicating the IEC number.





Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade.